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Wireless Technology And Security Measures

Wireless technology make us apart from copper cablings. A user can have a notepad , Personal digital assistant, Pocket tablet, Tablet Computer, or simply a mobile phone and stay available at anyplace a wireless is accessible. The essential theory behind wireless mechanism is that network can be connected by electromagnetic waves [To know more about EM ways, you should read basics of physics] that are then transmitted to a sign collector. It’s all about making resource available to each other and that deals with transmission and receiving the signals at the same time! We just take two remote side gadgets see one another, we require conventions i.e. protocols for communication.

John Pereless Wireless Post Blog

A wireless space can help your company worker or employees stay efficient and productive as they move around and work for your organisation. But to take advantage of the benefits of wireless networking, you first need to assure that your network is secure from trespassers, intruders & hackers and unauthorized users.

Each device in a wireless network is essential to be secured as a wireless network or Wireless LAN (WLAN) is a mobile network, you need a consolidated, multi layered security approach to protect traffic for an incoming connection request.

Wireless network Threats & Malware:  Wireless networks have more risk associated with them when we talk about virus attack & security! There exists viruses in WLAN to steal access from your network and slow down it gradually. For example, the virus MVW-WiFi, which enters into a laptop through a wireless network, delivers wireless connected device to add to connect request packets to find other local WLANs and then moves itself to subsequent wireless networks, as per David Sandel, the CTO at NetLabs. The best cure to avoid such harms is to always keep updated your Internet security and antivirus softwares.

Either you are using a Bluetooth-activated PDA, a cell phone or a laptop, you can be sure most coming unknown problems by checking your security settings as dual check. That goes for your small business wireless network, too. Nearly 75% of all wireless users are on an unsecured and non trusted network, according to many surveys. “This is really dangerous" mentions Scot Zarkiewicz, CEO at SingleClick Systems for small scale organisations. "If there is a single point that small businesses should know about wireless networking, it is that coding and decoding [encryption/decryption] is one and only best form of protection"

The largest wireless security vulnerability by now, isn't a malware, threat or hacker attack. It is satisfaction, says John Pereless, president at Pereless Software Technologies, Inc., a Redbank New Jersey company, describes itself as "trusted software partners"  he says. "Network awareness and basics are the most important segment of strengthen the networks. If users are simply aware of what could take place, of what the true risk factors are, then everything else can be taken care of."