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What is Blogging? How it's useful..

Blogging: Being an author, It’s the easiest way to communicate with your readers,. being a business owner, the simplest form of expression on your services and updates! Being a company, blogging is to give relevant information about your brand, product or services to your  potential customers. In short, blogging is an online information resource to keep your users updated all the time.  Anyone can have a blog on purchased domain or via available free blogging service providers. In today’s web 2.0 technology and mobile world, a blogging is a must to streamline the business processes. Blogging will be nice fun all an equivalent and it's a perfect learning expertise for you if you are an author, a knowledge-freaky agency encompasses a heap to share on a subject or hobby, or you are simply keen to encourage individuals to check things in your way! This text is concentrated on serving to you to avoid the common mistakes several learner bloggers make; whereas you'll still stumble into them, a minimum of you will be additional aware and knowledge to correct your future approaches.


How Blogging Works?  Interesting part on blogging is to know how it works and how it’s useful for others? Well, a very simple and short example will concentrate on our point! Let’s say, I need an advice on home making! I go to Google and type “Beautiful home design ideas”! What will be come out in returns of that search? Obviously the niche property websites will be there to help me but as you know a professional website is build for doing business or offering services so how I will be assisted?

The point is very much important to understand that targeted users are always come on website to have better information resource and then they convert into real customers! In our case the property website will have a separate link for blog in it’s web page and we are redirected to that blog page from the original website! That’s how business work online. Hope you have caught the fish with right line :)

What can be blogged?

As we discussed above, any informational content which is needed when we offer some sort of professional services or any advice which is required in providing any product line i.e. how to use, how to make, how to implement etc can easily be blogged in order to take it’s advantage in research or boosting-up your business leads. Once the targeted audience is on your website, he will be definitely browsing your offerings and then if he likes or interested further, will surely ask for a RFP or quote and hence better leads capturing! Also, you can build your list for email marketing if you offer some redirection for the specific post thus better follow--ups and offerings.

How blogging is different than writing an article?

This is a general question that arise in our mind on how we can differentiate article writing than a blogging. Well, an article can be written on any topic as our blog post does but the difference is in networking! A blog is written to manage and share in a network or community so that better engagement can be achieved through the same!

How blogging can be made effective?

Write a minimum of 5 major “pillar” articles. A pillar article is sometimes a tutorial vogue article aimed to show your audience one thing. usually they're longer than five hundred words and have various terribly sensible tips or recommendation. This segment you're presently reading may be thought of a pillar article since it's terribly sensible and a decent “how-to” lesson. This form of article has future attractiveness, stays current (it isn't any news or time dependent) and offers real price and insight. The additional pillars you've got on your diary the higher. The website reputation can also be gained using a blog. The easiest way of doing things is to create a back-link to the relevant niche for the provided information. You can also be a good revenue generator.